Business Chapter One

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Chapter 1
The Container Store is often cited as an outstanding retail company. What factors have led to its success?
Several factors have led to the Container Store's success. The biggest factor that attributed to the Container Store's success was quality of customer service. Employees of the retailer stores who provided the highest quality customer service by making customers their top priority, greatly contributed to the company's success. The employees hired all shared a common quality; they were all genuinely enthusiastic and interested in helping customers. New employee receive 235 hours of training during the first year, and 162 hours of additional training in successive years, far more than the average retailer offers, educating employees, allowing them to be always ready to help customers with even the toughest problems. In addition, the employees are offered above-average salaries, as well as generous benefits because of the exceptional service the employees provide for the customers. Another factor that led to the company's success is the idea. The cofounders of the Container Store came up with the idea of selling products that helped organize people's homes and home offices in 1978. Although the idea of having a company that sells empty boxes seemed a bit strange, the idea pioneered storage and organization products; the company makes nearly $300 million in annual sales.

Would you want to work for a firm like the Container Store? Explain your answer.
I would want to work for a firm like the Container Store because of the benefits the firm offers. The firm is attentive and caring to their employees. The firm offers above-average salaries and generous benefits as well as raises for top performers. In addition, the employees receive 235 hours of training during their first year, and 162 hours of additional training in successive year, far more than an average retailer firm offers. It would feel great to go to work, enjoying what I do every day,...
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