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  • Published : April 3, 2012
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I. Intro
A. Businesses do change on purpose.
B. Changes occur due to…
i. Problems in the organization
ii. Solutions that initiate change in the positive/ negative direction iii. Results that benefit the organization as a whole
C. Cisco is an example of the reason why businesses can/ do change

II. Problems that initiate change in a business (Cisco “Old System”) A. Changes in an organization are due in part due to the following… i. Failed/ outdated organization structure/ overlapping

a.) Cisco’s example of staffers doing implementation as well as operational work ii. Lack of efficiency/ effectiveness in the organizations… a.) Cisco’s example of lack of focus across the organization and much needed focus on the Pre-existing traditional (NDCS) model iii. Inability to keep up with growth/ sustainability

a.) Cisco’s (NDCS) model could not accommodate the kind of growth and technology evolution that Cisco/ IT were expecting iv. Businesses inability to adapt/ recognize a need for change due to… a.) Traditional models and unwillingness to change

v. Lack of resources, people, processes, expertise
a.) Failed management strategies and lack of focus contribute to the issues listed above B. Problems initiate a reason for change but solutions activate the intended purpose of change within a business

III. Solutions to the problems that initiate change in a business (Cisco “New System”) A. Overcoming challenges that necessitate change…
a. Businesses must overcome obstacles such as an organization’s mentality for restructuring an old way of life/ business a.) Cisco’s out with the old “traditionally siloed” model vs. new Lifecycle model b. Analysis of the current state of the business can help identify areas that need improvement/ complete transformation which takes a long time a.) Cisco’s NAIS interaction in the interview process of gathering of technical data, tools, processes, and...
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