Business Case: the Coca Cola Case

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  • Published : February 22, 2012
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The Coca Cola Case
Strategic issues lie within the middle of a business, and they could the pivotal point in the business. By that, they should be considered as part of the reasons that could cause business to get a profit or go at a loss. These could be issues that could be considered unresolved in the manner that they need decisions to be made upon them. The main strategic issue in the coca cola case could be considered the fact that they ought to consider what it is that most probably could be needed in the market. As per their case, they ought to have realized that Americans take more soda than they do beverages. They then should use this for their plans in their production. They also should have figured the people to whom they would sell their products. They already addressed the American market in essence that they realized their consumption so that they knew what they wanted like customers. They analyzed the situation in the sense that the consumption of soda could be rated higher than any other of their products. This, therefore, could prove the drink that they should produce and sell most. Competition could also be the next issue that they address. We could see that coca cola and Pepsi could be considered competitors in the sense that they signed a part that they would give each other chances to exploit the market as good as the their company. As much as we could say that the competition is high, consumption of their drinks could be said to be at a better level. This observation was rated on the fact that the two competing companies could manage a percentage of above 20% in their income. This could be in comparison with other CDS companies within their vicinity. Coca cola faced a major competition from Pepsi, and Cadbury Schweppes yet they could be considered the founders of the soft drinks that they specialize in manufacturing. They used a strategy that was based on the strategy producer option. To attract more of their customers, they...
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