Business Case Study: Casper and Gabbini

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Casper & Gambini’s- 2010

Casper & Gambini’s pleasant eating out experience is fulfilled through friendly and customized delivery of gourmet meals and specialty coffee-based drinks in a contemporary and elegant setting that is stimulating for the senses and liberating for the mind. Casper & Gambini’s offers an all-day menu of a rich variety of breakfast bundles, sides to share, sandwiches, salads, weekly features, pizzas, gourmet burgers, hot cuisine, homemade desserts, and award-winning coffee drinks. It is the perfect socializing place for the typical urban sophisticated young and middle-aged professionals and consumers. Casper & Gambini’s is experiencing growth through various routes. However, it did and continues to do so under extremely volatile global economic conditions, regional instabilities and local political and security difficulties. A strategy is needed to sustain profitable growth for the future.


The initial investment was made in 1996, when a sandwich delivery service was set up in Ashrafieh. The original menu comprised of tasty salads and sandwiches, instantly prepared and delivered.

In May 1998, and upon great enthusiasm from the business community for the concept, the first C&G coffeehouse saw the light in Jal El Dib. Soon, it became a favorite gathering place for a wide variety of people because of its nice atmospherics and its unmatched delicacies. C&G’s second branch was the first eating establishment to acquire a prominent site in the newly rebuilt downtown Beirut in November 1999. After five years of operating nationally, C&G went international for the first time upon the opening of its first franchise operation in Kuwait. C&G then opened in Saudi Arabia in March 2003. This Jeddah branch is the largest outlet till date. Building on its reputation and successes, openings continued both inside and outside Lebanon to include more than 22 branches distributed across Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan and Qatar. In January 2010, the latest franchise has been sold to Syria and a new outlet will see the light in Damascus towards the Fall of 2010. Other signed ventures include outlets in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Romania and South East Asia. Russia is planned to be the next destination for growth between 2010 and 2012.

Mission/Vision/Value Statements

Casper & Gambini’s vision statement states the following: “Through our continuous development and determination to expand within different cultures and countries, we, at Casper & Gambini's® will successfully spread our distinctive all-day restaurant-café concept worldwide”. This vision statement acts as a building bloc for its mission which centers around its “commitment to offer high quality wholesome food and beverages in an environment that is both stimulating and liberating with warmth and passion, delivering a genuine experience”. C&G aims at providing customers a reliable, quality-driven service, promoting a unique coffee culture by delivering quality coffee drinks, and serving as a hub where diverse target consumers meet in a casual setting to satisfy their different cravings, all day long.

The company’s credo is a meticulous statement of values, which every casperer and gambinian fully understands and delivers. It relates C&G to it main stakeholders, by mentioning that:

• We don’t have owners, we have ambassadors
• We don’t have chefs, we have nutritional artists
• We don’t have waiters, we have culinary guides
• We don’t have guests, we have partners in success

Business Organization

Casper & Gambini’s holds a portfolio of related businesses, including home and office delivery service, corporate catering, C&G station as well as C&G Terrace. These are simply adaptations of the same concept made to suit the demands of the local conditions of the markets in which they are situated.

Other business concepts include Silver by C&G, Eatalian, Falafel Nadia and From The Tree....
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