Business Case Studies: Operations Management

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  • Published : July 23, 2011
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Business Case Studies
in Operations Management
Tom Batley
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Prentice Hall

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Table of Contents
Preface Acknowledgements Case Studies in Operations Management The Authors Students Guide to Using Cases vi 3 4

Operations Strategy Cases
Case 1: Wood Veneer Products Case 2: Oxygen Business Solutions: A "Shared Services" Case Case 3: Hubbard's Foods Ltd. Case 4: Express Data: Adding Value as a Middleman 9 15 22 34

Production Management Cases
Case 5: Champion Foundry Company Ltd. 41 Case 6: Mechanical Handling Engineers: Engineering Management with Style 50 Case 7: WJK Yarn Ltd. 61 Case 8: Clearline Instrumentation 69 Case 9: Unilever Australasia Petone 78 Case 10: Kiwi Packaging: Another Tight Schedule to Meet 88 Case 11: Firth Industries Ltd. Wellington Division 94

Service Industries Cases
Case 12: Continental Coach Tours: Quality and Service in a Service Industry Case 13: Peggydale Leathercraft A Lifestyle Business Case 14: Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World Case 15: Credit Union Otago 106 113 120 131

Project Management Cases
Case 16: The Rise and Demise of an Excellent Team: Introduction of New Technology in Architecture Case 17: Management Failure in Software Development Projects: Two New Zealand Cases 143 152

Small Business Cases
Case 18: Jan McLean Originals Case 19: The Lavender Growers: A Lifestyle Business Case 20: Cowell's Pavlova Kitchen Case 21: Chard Farm: Valuing Quality in the Wine Industry Case 22: The Cheltenham House, Hamner Springs Case 23: Bath Bloomers by Mix it Smooth, LLC Case 24: Wishbone Greeting Ca rds 162 171 177 183 194 201 209

iv Business Case Studies in Operations Management

Quality Management Cases
Case 25: Tecpak Industries Case 26: Service Quality: The New Kitchen Case 27: United Milk Products 218 229 236

Supply Chain Management Cases
Case 28: CLEAR Communications Ltd. 242

International Management Cases
Case 29: Nordica and Danaudio in China 253

Service Industries Cases Case 15

Credit Union Otago: Prospering in a Competitive Environment

Alexander Sibbald School of Business University of Otago New Zealand

132 Business Case Studies in Operations Management

This case study presents an opportunity to identify and discuss operational management strategies pursued by Credit Union Otago in particular, and the credit union industry in general, in their bid to survive and grow, whilst aiming to achieve both their economic and social objectives.

Credit Unions/
Credit Unions are financial services co-operatives, and are its purest form, as they deal exclusively with their members. They are the real 'people's bank', and have their roots in Germany in the mid nineteenth century. Two types of movement evolved from this period. The secular Schulze-Delitzsch type...
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