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Business Case for JWD Consulting
Project Name:
|Introduction/ Background | | | |JWD Consulting’s core business goal is to provide world-class project management consulting services to various organisations. The | |CEO, Joe Fleming believes the firm can streamline operations and increase business by providing information related to project | |management on its intranet site, making some information and services accessible to current and potential clients. | |2.0 Business Objective | | | |JWD Consulting’s strategic goals include continuing growth and profitability. The Project Management Intranet Site Project will | |support these goals by increasing visibility of the firm’s expertise to current and potential clients by allowing client and public| |access to some sections of the intranet. It will also improve profitability by reducing internal costs by providing standard tools,| |techniques templates, and project management knowledge to all internal consultants. Since JWD Consulting focuses on identifying | |profitable projects and measuring their value after completion, this project must meet those criteria. | |3.0 Current Situation and Problem/Opportunity Statement | | | |JWD Consulting has a corporate Web site as well as intranet. The firm currently uses the Web site for marketing information. The | |primary use of the intranet is for human resource information, such as where consultants enter their hours on various projects, | |change and view their benefits information, access an online directory and web-based e-mail system, and so on. The firm also uses | |an enterprise-wide project management system to track all project information, focusing on the status of deliverables and meeting | |scope, time and cost goals. There is an opportunity to provide a new section on the intranet dedicated to sharing consultants’ | |project management knowledge across the organization. JWD Consulting only hires experienced consultants and gives them freedom to | |manage projects as they see fit. However, as the business grows and projects become more complex, even experienced project managers| |are looking for suggestion on how to work more effectively. | |4.0 Critical Assumption and Constraints | | | |The project intranet site must be a valuable asset for JWD Consulting. Current consultants and clients must actively support the | |project, and it must pay for itself within one year by reducing internal operating costs and generating new business. The Project | |Management Office manager must lead the effort, and the project team must include participants from several parts of the company, | |as well as current client organisations. The new system must run on existing hardware and software, and it should require minimal | |technical support. It must be easily accessible by clients and the public yet secure from unauthorized users. | |5.0 Analysis of Options and Recommendation...
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