Business Case Requirement Template

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Business Case Template
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Business Case

Company Name
Street Address
City, State Zip Code


Table of Contents
1.Executive Summary2
1.2.Anticipated Outcomes2
2.Business Case Analysis Team4
3.Problem Definition4
3.1.Problem Statement4
3.2.Organizational Impact5
3.3.Technology Migration5
4.Project Overview6
4.1.Project Description6
4.2.Goals and Objectives7
4.3.Project Performance7
4.4.Project Assumptions8
4.5.Project Constraints8
4.6.Major Project Milestones8
5.Strategic Alignment9
6.Cost Benefit Analysis9
7.Alternatives Analysis10

Executive Summary

This section should provide general information on the issues surrounding the business problem and the proposed project or initiative created to address it. Usually, this section is completed last after all other sections of the business case have been written. This is because the executive summary is exactly that, a summary of the detail that is provided in subsequent sections of the document.

This business case outlines how the Web Platform (WP) Project will address current business concerns, the benefits of the project, and recommendations and justification of the project. The business case also discusses detailed project goals, performance measures, assumptions, constraints, and alternative options.

1 Issue

This section should briefly describe the business problem that the proposed project will address. This section should not describe how the problem will be addressed, only what the problem is.

Because of an expanding client base, Smith Consulting has moved to a de-centralized business model over the last 2 years. As we continue to support more clients in more locations, the administration of our workforce has become more difficult. Until now, many of our internal requirements such as reporting, payroll activities, and resource management have been done via legacy mainframe systems. As our workforce expands in numbers and area, these legacy mainframe systems have become inadequate to effectively manage these administrative activities. This inadequacy is manifested in higher costs and increased employee turnover which we have seen over the last 12 months. In order to more effectively manage our administration, reduce costs, and improve employee turnover, Smith Consulting must move to a web-based application as outlined in this business case for the WP Project. By doing so, employees will assume a greater role in managing their administrative issues, have access to timesheets securely online, and the company can manage its administration from one central and common platform.

2 Anticipated Outcomes

This section should describe the anticipated outcome if the proposed project or initiative is implemented. It should include how the project will benefit the business and describe what the end state of the project should be.

Moving to a centralized web-based administrative platform will enable Smith Consulting to manage its employee payroll systems and administrative functions in a seamless and consolidated manner. This technology migration will reduce overhead costs associated with the large workforce currently required to manage these tasks. De-centralized employees will have more autonomy to manage their payroll elections, training, reporting, and various other administrative tasks. The company will also benefit from more timely and accurate financial reporting...
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