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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Scenario Description:
Jonas Goldberg and Rande Gedaliah, lifelong friends, went into business together to establish The Living Room, a café bookstore. Lately, Jonas has not been doing his fair share of the work and has been unreliable, shrinking many of his important duties. Rande has reached the point of confronting Jonas and wants to take immediate action to resolve this situation.

• Jonas Goldberg co-founded The Living Room. As co-owner and manager, Jonas oversees all bookstore needs and manages the café and community events portion of the business with his partner and long-time friends, Rande Gedaliah. • Rande Gedaliah is a Partner, Manager and Co-owner of The Living Room, a café and bookstore with an active community center and bakery. She is solely responsible for overseeing the bakery, which distributes to local restaurants and stores. In addition, she also manages the café and its community events along with her partner.

History: “The Living Room” is a small business located in the Boston Suburbs. The business is a new spin on the café bookstore, with the additions of an active community center and bakery with distribution to local restaurants/stores.

Jonas is a freelance writer and stay at home Dad with three young children. His wife is a District Attorney. He was looking for a side venture as well as supplemental income.

Rande is a divorced mother of two young schoolboys and a successful sculptor who needed income with a schedule she could control. Rande is very level-headed and generally calm, as long as all the balls she’s juggling stay in the air.

Rande and Jonas opened The Living Room two years ago and have recently expanded the hours/customer flow drastically in an attempt to finally make a decent income.

They split most of the business duties, share the larger tasks, and each spend a certain number of hours in...
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