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Assignment for CSII

Vamsi Somesh Marepalli MBA II Year Enrollment No: 69


Under the kind guidance of Mr. Lovneesh Chanana, Visiting Faculty, DoMS , IIT Roorkee


Project name3
Project team
Project description3
Measurable Organizational Value3
Analysis of alternatives5
Quantitative Comparison of Alternatives7

MAREPALLI Telecom Services Private Ltd.
Project name: Building grievance handling system for Marepalli Telecom Services Private Ltd. Project team:
1)Alex , Software Engineer: - Alex is a very highly experienced java professional. 2)Rajat , Project Manager: - Rajat is a successful prject manager who handled many time crunch projects. 3)Vamsi – Risk Analyst: - Vamsi is a Financial Risk Manager, worked with many MNC s and is an expert in cost benefit analysis. 4)Fema,Customer Relationship Executive:-Fema is a well experienced CRM and has handled many customer grievances and is in the same career from past 10years. 5)Kumaran, Service Marketing Executive: - Kumaran is a service marketing executive who achieved many breakthroughs in his career. Project description:

Marepalli Telecom Services Private Ltd. provides telephone, mobile and Dish TV services all over the country. It is one of the very few companies in India which provides lots of services and offers to the Indian customers and it also does the business online. Customer can order services and products online too. It is natural to get complaints from various customers in the business given the plethora of services offered by the company. The company currently has a very mundane system to handle grievances from customers. Records are maintained on paper, the system is slow and manual. The company needs an organized grievance handling system which can interact with consumers online/by phone. An internal system is to be created that tracks each and every grievance and look if the issue is getting resolved in time or not. The system also maintains the record of the customer, his calls and record the conversations etc., Measurable Organizational Value:

The company “Marepalli Telecom Services Private Ltd.,” can create value to the customer by providing structured and quick grievance handling system. a)Desired Area of Impact:
Customer: The project is majorly to create value to the customer. It creates a trust feeling in the customer that the company takes lots of care in resolving issues of the customer. The company can count on the life value of the customer as he will be loyal with a better service and response. Operational: The system ensures that the personnel working in customer care are following them and handling them properly because the system throws unresolved issues to the higher authority as and when the delay is created. Also lower costs are involved in streamlined operations. So this system creates accountability in the personnel. Hence it increases operational efficiency. Financial: It results in increase in profits and margins, because the project focuses on operational efficiency and better customer relationship maintenance. In the long run, it helps bringing in life time value of the customer, better publicity and hence more profits. Strategic: It enhances the company’s competition handling strategies by providing better service. It also enhances the company’s branding strategies like “Leave your problems to us and we will handle it”. Social: With this system, paper consumption decreases drastically, customers need not come to office for grievances and following them up which again results in petrol consumption. This system hence has a positive impact on environment. Financials:

Income Statement
Heads (in Rs.)Income Statement (Before Implementation) (In Rs.)Income Statement (After Implementation) (In Rs.)

Revenue Generated30,00,000...
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