Business Case Assessment Form

Topics: Proposal, Student exchange program, Project management Pages: 4 (889 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Business Case Assessment Form

MBA 716
1. IntroductionGive a brief description of the proposal including the key objectives. | UW-Parkside is working to increase its international exchanges and welcomes many international students each year from a number of counties to its “Global Village” located in Pike River Suites. While these students travel to Parkside to life and learn the American culture, it is also equally important that UW-Parkside students learn from their culture. The largest group of exchange student for a number of years has been from China. The Pike River Suites kitchens are not friendly, and welcoming to Chinese students. This project will increase the usability of the Pike River Suites and the satisfaction of the kitchen facilities available to UW-Parkside’s Chinese exchange students. This project should be minimally invasive to the students currently living in Pike River Suites, but should be completed by the start of the Spring 2013 semester on February 1, 2013.|

2. StrategiesIdentify aspects of the Organisational Plan and/or Information Strategy that are addressed. | UW-Parkside’s 2012 Academic Plan Goal 1.3 states: “Improve our ability to serve ... international students and graduate students by designing new programs, in areas of growing opportunity, that include clear paths to degree completion, a high level of flexibility, and appropriate use of technology.” International students at UW-Parkside were only 0.9% of all students in the Fall of 2010. UW-System’s average is 2.1%. UW-Parkside has made it a goal to increase our transfer population to at least match the UW-System average in the next five years. This project is consistent with that goal, in helping to create a welcoming atmosphere for our international students from China.|

3. BenefitsWhat are the opportunities and benefits for the Organisation and User(s)? | * Reduce the level of homesickness felt by Chinese exchange students to UW-Parkside....
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