Business Btec Level 2 - Apple - Unit 2 - P4/P5/M2

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  • Published : June 18, 2012
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The marketing department was heavily crucial to the success of the iPad, as production, sales, and research/development, heavily revolve around marketing. The marketing department find out what customers want, and plan advertising to attract them. This makes it a very vital area because if the marketing goes wrong, everything else isn’t as effective. If the marketing fails then the production will start producing products which nobody will want to purchase. This will mean ‘Finance’ will have to re-calculate their budget to deal with the loss they have been dealt, due to failure by marketing. A number of different functional areas would have worked together from production to selling point. Firstly, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Sales’. Marketing and Sales would have interacted very closely because Marketing, find the information that sales need. Marketing do ‘Market Research’. If this is done correctly, it ensures that Sales are provided with a product that can be promoted to the correct target market. Marketing find out what the customers want, and sales will try and persuade them to buy it. Therefore, sales need to make sure that marketing, are doing their job right. As if the marketing is done incorrectly, sales will not be able to persuade as effectively because they will be persuading their target market to buy products which aren’t what they want. Secondly, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Finance’. Marketing and Finance would have interacted very closely as the finance department allocates the budget to support various activities the marketing department want to carry out. So for example, if the marketing department at Apple want to carry out a promotion through direct mail, they would ask the finance department first; from there the finance department will decide if they are able to fund this type of direct mail promotion. Tesco’s would not be able to carry out this activity without consulting the finance department, because the money only goes in and out of the finance department....
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