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FACULTY OF BUSINESS STUDIES -------------------------------------------------
2012/2013 SEMESTER II – Spring 2013

T205 B –TMA Case Study - Semester II - 2012 – 2013
Creating a high performance culture - A Siemens case study
Organizational culture and values
The culture of an organization is the typical way of doing things in the organization. It particularly relates to behavior patterns and relationships. The culture of an organization develops over time. It is created by the people that work for the organization its managers and workforce. What the organization stands for (its values) and the dreams that it seeks to turn into reality (its vision) are fundamental in creating a dynamic culture. A 'high performance culture' exists when everyone in the organization shares the same vision and where they trust and value each other's contribution. This case study looks at how the Siemens organization is built on a high performance culture. This is shared by everyone from the most senior executive to the newest trainee. Background to Siemens

Siemens AG is a global electrical and electronics business with a turnover of nearly £60 billion. The company employs just under half a million people around the world. It is based in Munich, Germany. In the UK, Siemens has its headquarters in Bracknell, Berkshire and has around 100 sites across the UK employing 20,000 people.

Siemens' products affect our lives in many ways. We can toast bread in a Siemens toaster powered by electricity generated and distributed by Siemens. Traffic lights are made by Siemens and people in hospitals have life-saving MRI scans using Siemens advanced medical imaging technology. Delivering the human resource development strategy

Human resource development is all about helping people to fulfill themselves at work. Development is concerned with encouraging employees to identify ways in which they want to improve their careers and other aspects of their working lives. For example, they may want to attend training courses, they may want to do more interesting work, or they may simply want to have a better work/life balance. An organization is nothing without its people. As an employer of one of the world's most efficient and motivated workforces, Siemens is committed to its employees. Its half a million employees work in a broad range of roles. These include: * information technology specialists

* mechanical and electrical engineers
* researchers
* new product developers
* managers and business executives
* administrators
* security guards and health and safety experts
* human resource specialists.
What is 'engagement'?
If people are properly managed, they will motivate themselves to do a good job. Siemens believes in the full engagement of people in the workplace.  Excellent people need to be managed in an excellent way. Siemens believes that engagement combines commitment and organizational citizenship. Engagement is another way of staying actively involved. Human resource development strategy

All organizations need to have a sense of direction which is put into action through a plan. This plan is referred to as a business strategy. A key pillar of the Siemens' strategy, alongside performance and portfolio, operational excellence and corporate responsibility, is the way it manages, develops and motivates its employees. The importance of people in the organization

The part of the Siemens' business strategy that relates to people management is referred to as People Excellence. At the heart of People Excellence is the building of a high performance culture. Nothing helps...
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