Business and Organisation Methods Case Studies

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Case study question 1
How do information technologies contribute to the business success of Sew What, Inc.? Give several examples from the case regarding the business value of information technology that demonstrate this conclusion.

Information Technology is vital for growth, in a small business. Megan Duckett is the founder of Sew What? Inc. Her overall goal in Sew What? Inc is to provide a more perfect approach to customer satisfaction, and overcome the challenges they face through IT (Information Technology). IT is vital for growth in a small business. Through the chronicles of Duckett’s small business, Information technology played in important role in the creditability of her company. IT helps keep her customers informed through her never-say-no approach to customer satisfaction. [1]After losing one of her biggest contracts, the potential client said that without a Web site, her company “lacked credibility.” It is hard to figure out the mission statement of a company, and the credibility of their mission without a Web site. Duckett stated that, [2] “before losing that contract, I thought, ‘I run a sewing business, a cottage craft. I don’t need a web site’.” As a small business such as Sew What? Inc it is nearly impossible to stick around as a business in the information age. After launching their website in 2005 their business took off. [3]Sew What? Inc has enjoyed explosive growth in recent years reaching $4 million per year in sales by the end of 2006. Duckett use to grow her business using mostly word of mouth, which kept her company localized, but after launch her site in 2005, she now has clients all over the world. [4] In fact, last year their revenue grew 45% on the previous year’s sales, and this year they are on target to enjoy a 65% increase on 2005 sales. And nearly all the growth came from Web-driven sales. Updating her site, and making it more user savvy gave her an edge and helped her company become more profitable. [5] In 2005, Duckett decided she needed to improve the site’s navigation, because “I wanted it to be sleek and to provide a really good customer experience. That was beyond my abilities, so we hired a Web marketing consulting company to build a custom navigation system for the site.” She worked with the hired guns on branding, search engine optimization, overall design, and site layout. On her site there is also a Spanish version on the site, and the professionals tuned up the main site’s search features to include spelling variants for different English-speaking countries. The site also lets potential customers review all kinds of color swatches and teaches them how to calculate accurate measurements for their projects. The sites is able to provide better service by keeping the customer updated. Though this case study we understand that it is very important to have good customer satisfaction through IT. The approach that is through IT gives Sew What? Inc is a great opportunity to grow in a small business, in a big business world. Work Sited Page

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Case Study Question #2:

If you were a management consultant to Sew What? Inc., what would you advise Megan Duckett to do at this point to be even more successful in her business? What role would information technology play in your proposals? Provide several specific examples.

As a consultant to Sew What? Inc. I would advise Megan Duckett to introduce a computer time card system which would allow her employees to clock in and out much faster and with the elimination of time accounting errors. This is a good way to streamline daily operations within the company. Airgas Inc. has just recently implemented the use of an electronic time clock system to alleviate errors in reporting and negligence in record keeping. This drastically improves...
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