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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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Question -1 what techniques increased Mr. Mukherji’s communications effectiveness? Answer:
- In any organization communication is very important. Communication is useful to develop any interpersonal or corporate relationship. In this case president of Goodwill corporation ltd, Abhishek mukherji is very friendly with everyone and he is thinking that all has own skill and ability so give them chance to develop themselves. He wanted to develop upward communication. He believes in an open door policy which is technique for developing interpersonal relationship. So he announced that his own door was open to employees and encourages senior managers. He wanted that every employees has right to say their problems and complaints to direct president. With help of this technique employees who used open door policy had been with the company for years and were comfortable talking to the president. So with the help of this technique improve interpersonal relationship between president and employees.

Q-2 do you think that an open-door policy was the right way to improve upward communication? What other technique would you suggest? Answer:-
Yes, an Open-door policy was the right way to improve upward communication because in the upward communication employees are only followed orders of the top management in this employees has no right to give suggestions and not chance to improve themselves. An open-door policy is very useful to reduce all negative points of upward communication. In this policy employees has chance to develop themselves and give suggestions to the management. In an open-door policy, every employees has right to say their problems and complains to direct president. An open-door policy is very effectiveness to improve interpersonal relationship and communication between top management and employees.  

Question 3: - What problem s do you think an open-door policy creates? Do you think many employees are relicts’ ant to use...
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