Business and Management Ia

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Business and management (HL) IA

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Will STEADY Company increase their market share in Chinese real estate market?

Candidate name: Talia Chen

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STEADY Company is a small company that mainly invests the real estate projects. The estate market in China is super competitive so that the market share of STEADY Company is getting smaller and smaller. So the main research topic is to find out whether STEADY Company can increase their market share. To solve this problem, I want to start with market research and find out the real problem of their company. So I did some primary research and secondary research on the Internet and from the interview. To focus on this statement, there are three aspects that can be discussed and evaluate. STEADY company is a small estate company which contain a basically small piece of Chinese market share. It was established in June 1996, used to have a name called YASHI Company, in Sept.2004 changed name to STEADY. Basically, their profession is invest money to the estate and build residential buildings then sells them. Till now, the company is formed as a private limited company with three shareholders, the whole finance is over 35 billion RMB; Distribute to several cities such as Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Suzhou, Huhehot, Taiyuan and Beijing. In 2004, STEADY Company achieved top 100-estate company that evaluated by the State Council and Qinghai University’s Real Estate Economic Research Institute. At the same time, the company start many projects, Fundamentally sold to middle class people and usually receive twice profits. The first one is the company’s promotion. Through the interview, I know that the first idea of them to improve the market share of the business is promotion. So I use the promotional mix and knowledge about marketing strategies to assess the property to use advertisement as a method to increase market share. Then is the product. The houses that STEADY Company sold have some benefits and disadvantages than other company’s products. Due to these differences and their diversity, I use Boston Matrix to access the quality and diversity of their product. Also SWOT analysis can help to ensure the company ‘strength and weakness. What’s more, the market is also a very important factor that can cause the death or success of the company. The estate market is very complicate. So the PEST analysis is suitable to clear about the external environment give what opportunities and threats for the business. The shareholder relationship also is a big problem. The company consists of three main shareholders; they all have part of company’s stock. Some times they still manage the company. They often fight against each other. So the relationship is not so good. A shareholder analysis will help to express this situation and find the reason.

Procedures and method
Promotional mix
The promotional mix is “the set of tools that a business can use to communicate effectively the benefits of its products or services to its customers.”[1] • Above the line
In the category, most important one is advertising, which is the company’s strategy. Different types of advertising will cost different sum of money and have unpredictable effects. We can see the chart 1 in the Appendix. The...
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