Business and Ethics on a Global Scale

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  • Published : November 15, 2008
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Business and Ethics on a Global Scale
In a business sense the world is shrinking at a fast pace. With each passing day the global marketplace is becoming more appealing and more accessible. Although business may bring people together, culture is a dividing line that needs to be addressed in a thoughtful manner.

When dealing business in other cultures it is important to keep traditions and differences in mind. Potential clients may have different perspectives as to what is ethical and what their moral obligations may be.

Middle Ground
There can be a big difference in how we do business compared to the business traditions of other cultures. Try to find a common area of respect and courtesy. We sometimes tend to be more direct and general than other cultures are accustomed to, so keeping that in mind may help in overcoming barriers and stereotypes.

When it comes to language barriers it is crucial to do all you can to overcome miscommunication. There are no shortcuts. Make sure there is certainty in what you are saying and what is being understood.

Studies show that less than 30% of U.S. business persons sent abroad can be expected to succeed. A large contributor to this significant failure rate is a lack of etiquette intelligence” (Grosso, 2008.) It doesn’t hurt to do a little research into the culture in which you tend to do business. Understanding different cultures and traditions are key in overcoming barriers and avoiding offense. Talking to other business associates that have experience with certain cultures may help in reaching out to business in the global marketplace. Most cultures are much more complex and deeper than we regard our own. Business relationships are highly regarded in most countries and not to be taken lightly. Loyalty to an organization is a must in other parts of the world whereas here in the U.S. it is not typically as important.

Be accommodating
Remember that your workday may not be the same as someone...
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