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Name of learner:| Tresor Mundabi| Programme:| | L2 Business & Administration| Unit Number:| Unit 2| PASS| NO| RESUB| YES|
Date:| 08/03/13| Tutor| Joanne Dunn| Signature:| J Dunn| | | | Total Time :| 105 mins|

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Hi Tresor,Thank you for submitting your Unit Two Assessment. I have marked the assessment and provided some feedback below. There are amendments to be made to ensure all learning outcomes and assessment criteria have been successfully achieved, and I have highlighted these amendments in bold. If you need any help before resubmitting the assessment please v-mail me. Section One – Understanding how to make and receive telephone calls1. Well done Tresor, you have correctly identified two different features of a telephone system and explained how they are used and when they would be used. 2. A good answer highlighting procedures for making and receiving calls and the reasons for portraying a positive image of yourself and the business when doing so. Section 2 – Understand how to handle mail1. Thank you Tresor, you have highlighted different types of mail, how it should be handled and shown some of the consequences if such mail is not handled correctly – money and customers can be lost and the reputation of the business affected.2. Royal Mail and UKMail – courier services can both be use to deliver external mail, thank you Tresor. For internal mail services you have correctly identified the Intranet. Royal Mail bags will be used to deliver external mail, can you therefore identify a further internal mail service? Think about company mail room, notice boards, what kind of envelopes you may use for example.3. Comparing prices through using comparison sites is one way of calculating and checking mail costs as you explain Tresor. What factors regarding the mail (size for example) would you need to consider before costs can be calculated and compared?Section 3 – Understand how to use different types of office equipment1. Telephone and photocopiers are two different pieces of office equipment, thank you Tresor. A filing cabinet would be a piece of office furniture rather than equipment. Can you add any further types of office equipment and explain what they may be used for? What is the most common piece of office equipment (what are you using to complete this course)?2. A good attempt, however, your answer would benefit from a little more detail :Its important to follow those instructions to protect the equipment from abuse (maintenance) – can you expand on this please Tresor. How does it protect equipment from abuse – what are the consequences if this does not happen?and the person using the equipment from injuring themselves(Health and Safety). – can you expand on this Tresor – how do instructions ensure the health & safety of users?Its also important to keep the equipment as efficient – it is important that machinery is efficient, how do instructions help you do this?as possible and manufacturer's guarantees – Will following instructions mean any guarantees or warranties are not invalidated, how will this help the business, will it save money?3. You are right Tresor, keeping equipment clean, hygienic and ready for the next user will help look after the health & safety of users and with efficiency. If you leave equipment clean for others it will show them you care, this will increase moral then hopefully productivity, creating a happier and more productive working environment for all.Section 4 – Understand how to keep waste to a minimum in a business environment1. Waste can affect a business in many negative ways as your answer highlights Tresor. Reducing waste, will reduce prices, increase profit margins, create a cleaner working environment and protect the reputation of the business.2. For this question Tresor can you...
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