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Business Analytics and Advanced Analytics Companies in India This blog is dedicated to budding and growing analytics professionals in India

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Top Analytics companies in India
Top Analytics Companies in India (Using SAS/SPSS):In Analytics what we try is make clusters for the people to deccide on their own, These clusters ,on analytic companies will help you a lot Branded Analytics Cluster 1( These companies are struggling hard to mark their name in the market place,not a easy task to get the advanced analytic work outsourced to india, but still their confidence and faith in indian next gen resources, who can think and innovate, make them to try hard to make their brand powerful.It will take time, with Vision,Mission and team Synergy and focus, iam sure they will mark their name in the next decade, decade of knowledge decade of indians) 1. Musigma,Bangalore 2. Inductis, Gurgaon 3. Fractal Analytics 4. Marketics or WPP, Bangalore 5. Manthan Systems,Bangalore 6. Absolutdata, Newdelhi 7. Denuosource, Hyderabad 8. CrossTab, Mumbai, Bangalore 9. Decision Craft, Ahmadabad 10. Modelytics, Bangalore 11. Latent view analytics, Chennai 12. Dexterity, Chennai 13. Pharmarc, Bangalore Firms involved with Quantitative research Techniques Irevena, Chennai Amba Research, Bangalore

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Cluster 2 -Large analytics providers(Pioneers in india for Banking and retail,CPG):With out these companies much of analytic process and good trained resources, wont have spread across india.Thanks to these companies, which started as captive of GE and IRI, especially in Financial services Models and CPG/Retail models,Made people to visualize, how much westerners, especially american give importance to numbers and facts for their decision making and helped the new gen to grow thier analytical blend 1. Genpact and Symphony Marketing solutions Bangalore

Cluster 3 -IT companies with a strong analytics practice:(For all these companies, analytics started as extension of data ware housing or BI, still most companies in IT field think analytics to be Data mining, and for them Aanlytics pie is a smaller piece in their portfolio and its a long way to go for them to think what analytics is all about and finding right resources and also getting analytic leadership right will be a much challenge,as these comapnies always think to grow their internal leadership team into analytics with limited knowledge, need to wait and watch, for them its all money is honey not more than that, except 1 or 2 in the list below) 1. Infosys, Bangalore 3. Cognizant (Market Rx)- Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon 3. TCS, Chennai and Mumbai 4. HCL,Gurgaon, Chennai 5. Wipro, Kolkatta, Bangalore 6. Capgemini,Bangalore 7. Mahindra satyam Cluster 4 - Mega TOP League MNC's Units (These are the companies especially IBM, which had invested 5 Billion dollars, size of infosys into Analytics, demand creators for atleast 2 to 3 decades to come.Thinking Analytics and merging with engineering applications like Sensors,Actuators and Robots, and will take time for the people, where they are going about. One thing i can say at this point to budding victorious indian generation is, the coming decade will be ours -If we can appreciate the concept of convergence from Analytics to Engg from Business problems to real life problems like water, energy,transport, agriculture,air,climate- which will be the business of next decade) 1.IBM,BAO,Bangalore 2. Accenture,Bangalore,Gurgaon 3.HP DSAS,Bangalore,Chennai

Cluster 5 MNC’s Captive Units: (These are captive units looking for talent outside their home ground, and each are unique in thier process and leaders in their space. For youngsters...
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