Business Analysis Part 1

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Business Analysis Part I
MGT/521 Management

Business Analysis Part I

Apple Inc. The Company
Apple Inc was established in California on April 1, 1976. It was later incorporated in the year 1977. Born in America, this multinational company designs and sells consumer electronics. Apple is the world’s third biggest mobile phone producer. The company’s most admired hardware products are the Macintosh computers, the iphone, the ipod and the ipad. Other consumer products designed by Apple include computer software like OSX and iOS operating systems and personal computers. Apple Inc. was listed as the most admired organization in the world (2008-2012) and in the United States (2008). Even though Apple’s popularity is growing in leaps the company has been in the news for its familiar criticism for its contractors' industry practices, and for its environmental and trade practices. Apple has more than 368 retail stores in 13 countries. It is the leading public trading corporation in the world with an estimated value of US $626 billion as of September 2012. It is the largest technology corporation in the world by income and profit. The company has more than 60,450 permanent full-time recruits and over 2,990 temporary full-time employees globally and its global yearly profits exceed $110 billion.

SWOT Analysis
As a mutual fund Manager, my role is to decide if investing in the company is a good option. The SWOT analysis is performed to help me get a better understanding of the company and assist in decision making. The firm I have selected is Apple Inc and through the SWOT analysis I plan to investigate the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This analysis will help me obtain essential information required to make the most excellent decision for the finance and for the investors. As a mutual fund manager, my next step will be to establish the company’s stakeholders and determine if their needs are fulfilled. Strengths

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