Business Analysis Iii: Apple Inc.

Topics: Porter generic strategies, Apple Inc., Strategy Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Running Head: Apple Inc.: Business Analysis Part III

Business analysis III: Apple Inc.

In this paper I will be presenting some of the strategies and tactics adopted by Apple Inc, I will emphasize on the means it has been using to achieve its organizational objectives. I will also present a brief overview on different type of strategies using Porter's generics strategies. This will be a conclusion of Apple Inc. business analysis.

Economic Trends
Recessions present businesses with a dilemma: whether to cut costs to conserve resources, or to invest in new products and processes to exploit competitor weakness. These are only a few of business approaches adopted by most companies being affected by recession’s conditions. Other measures can be taken to stay healthy and competitive at the same time. Such measures can range from employment reductions (lay-offs) to expenditure cuts on a wide range of activities including R&D, marketing and employee training. These strategies are risky and many firms are likely to be too preoccupied with short-term survival to think about innovation and growth, or lack the resources to implement such strategies effectively.

Since the early 1980's Michael Porter's generic strategies has been one of the most widely accepted methods of selecting company strategies, which can be classified into three generic types: differentiation, cost leadership and focus/combination. According to Porter if a company implements one or more of these strategies it will have a competitive advantage within its own industry. In the following paragraphs I will try to elaborate on how Apple has utilized Porter's theory to cope with recession conditions.

Differentiation Strategy
This type of strategy can be associated with extensive training of marketing personnel, developing a broad range of new products and services, building a positive relationship within the industry for technological leadership,...
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