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Blueprint for Personal and Professional Growth (BPPG)

This is your own personal Blueprint for Personal and Professional Growth. You will work on this Blueprint during the first course of your MBA program, and then expand upon it in subsequent courses.

Please retain a copy for your records.

Part 1 = Self-Assessment of Personal Effectiveness due in Week 2

Part 2 = Self-Regulated and Proactive Learning in My MBA due in Week 3

Part 3 = Reflection and Proactive Planning due in Week 8

Blueprint for Personal and Professional Growth (BPPG) Template

|Name: |Response | | | | |Part I - Self-Assessment of Personal | | |Effectiveness | | |Date Completed: |11/13/2009 | | | | |How do your profile patterns from your |My profile patterns from my personal DISc, (“DISc classic profile 2.0”, 2006) | |DISc report align with the managerial or |indicate that my highest dimensions is in Influence and overall I am a promoter. In| |leadership descriptions, attributes, and |the D Dimension I feel I meet the self-reliant and unassuming roles the most. | |competencies described in the Zaleznik article? |Those of which appear to mirror those attributes of a leader. “Leaders, on the | | |other hand, adopt personal, active attitudes toward goals. They hook for the | | |opportunities and rewards that lie around the corner, inspiring subordinates and | | |firing up the creative process and their own energy” (Zaleznik, 2004). I believe | | |this to be so because leaders have active attitudes toward goals, but are also | | |creative in the ways they try to build power and vision. | | | | | |From the I Dimension of the DISc ("DISc classic profile 2.0", 2006), I feel that | | |being pleasant is one of my best matching attributes within my personality, which I| | |feel meets a managers description. That is, often times, managers are so busy in | | |meeting goals and achieving numbers; they can fail to lack true substance and | | |cannot see the bigger picture. “Managers tend to adopt impersonal, if not passive, | | |attitudes towards goals” (Zaleznik, 2004). Personally, I try to always see the | | |bigger pictures, but there have been times where the task at hand has blinded me | | |from seeing the end result goal. | |How do your daily practices and/or actions align|Within the S Dimension, I feel I am very much an outgoing individual and prefer to | |with the managerial or leadership descriptions,...
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