Business Analysis

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Business Analysis

General Electric
When a person gets the idea of investing in a business there are some important decision he or she has to make. The most important question is what does the company offer, or is the market in great need of that business. In order to get an clear understanding of that business, he or she must consider using what is called a business analysis. This paper will cover some important points about the company of General Electric, in order to help a mutual fund manager decide on investing in this company in hopes it will bring in some revenue. GE the Company

GE has been a multi-business company for over 125 years. GE has grown to seize new opportunities and create changes in technology as well as in economics. They are building new platforms in the marketplace. The company is trying to put lights to areas that have never seen the brightness of lights before. These new endeavors allow GE the chance to provide these services and along with applying new technology with their top researchers who have been working for GE for years. GE new technology comes with the accelerated growth and the company has the abilities to extend their management teams to accommodate this increase. Now let us look at GE stakeholders. Internal stakeholders are the company’s employees and management. GE has invested millions of dollars in their employee to have a clean bill of health and has developed a pilot program to reduce health-related absence inside and outside the United States. GE has also administered an employee opinion survey, which at the end of third quarters, serves as a representation of the employee. GE is comments to enable the growth values in the executive curriculum. The company employees are not only evaluated on their accomplishment but also on their ability to reflect the Growth Values, which leads to promotion, development, and high integrity. GE external stakeholders are customers and the communities. GE has a strong position in the healthcare market, water, television, aircraft engines, and appliances. The company’s push on Healthymagination will invest $6 billion to enable better health for over 700 million people across the globe (General Eletric, 2011). GE’s campaign is to keep the public and their customers informed through the ecomagination report, website, and public engagements. This effort also opens door for innovations through the ecomagination challenge and with the collaborations amongst different firms and GE investing more than $130 million in 22 companies to help with new technologies, it is a win win situation. Another way GE is helping the communities is by building capacity using developing Health Globally program. This development includes upgrading facilities, clinical-skill building, and partner with ministry of health. The ministry partnership has the sustainability for long-term. GE Wants and Needs

GE is a company that rich in history and progress. From the time Thomas Edison to the present, the company has collaborated up with the Olympic committee to brighten the skies of London with the 2012 Olympics games. With all the endeavourers taking place, a person could only think, does GE have a want or need? The answer to that question yes to both of those questions, because the company made the Fortune 500 list and has received many accolades does not mean GE is laying back and relaxing, it means they are working harder and longer to continue to bring the GE brand across the globe. GE Wants

Like most companies, there is no rest for the weary. In order to gain the trust of the communities and increase the company’s bottom line there are a couple of wants GE has put on the front burner. GE wants more government support to allow new technology research to move forward. This also means loosening of regulations, so countries that do not have healthcare or lights would be able to enjoy those...
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