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Business Administration

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Business Administration

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  • April 2012
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The way that the internet is connecting people of today’s world is really amazing, using modern technology now we can share pictures, videos, and even our own personal news through blogs, tweets, and most importantly todays mood, status, and even what are we doing at this moment. To speak generally about how the internet is affecting the characteristics of the cultures is really a huge subject, each aspect of today’s life is being affected by this mobile telecommunication technology, we can access information anywhere, and anytime. We learn about others and other worlds in detail, their life, economical system, their politics, fashion, and even the current world trends. “We need also to remain open to the intuition that, in ‘using’ the Internet, individuals, groups and cultures is also being shaped and potentially transformed by and through it.” Weiner, R. G. (1996) The internet has its pros and cons when affecting cultures, and mixing them together. People are becoming more of international citizens when they are online; the mixing of cultures has somehow erased the cultural identity of a person, for example FaceBook. Today FaceBook is the largest country online mixing people from different world, classes, cultures, and backgrounds, erasing the distances for people to meet and to know each other. Business is a major aspect affected by the telecommunication world today. The internet has become on the largest media channels to advertise for new services and products, it even helped invent new services and products. Western Cultures has shaped and affected this cyberspace in a very unusual way. People started to change their way of thinking due to the information that they are exposed to. “The effects of the internet might be easier to ignore if they only affected the worlds that exist online. However, that is not the case. Take for example what happened in Halfway, a town of 360 residents in Oregon’s northest corner, near the border with Idaho. In January 2000,...

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