Business Administration

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1.0 Introduction
In current society, people started to focus on the product quality of the product that they bought. The product quality may affects a person’s purchase behaviour towards the particular brand. Our group decided to conduct a research to identify the relationships between product quality and customer loyalty.

Topic 1 is all about the introduction to research in business. In this chapter, we know the differences between research and business research. Research is organised and systematic inquiry or investigation which provides information for solving a problem or finding answers to a complex issue. Whereas, business research is the application of the scientific method in searching for the truth about business phenomena.

Next, we have learned about scientific method, the way researchers go about using knowledge and evidence to reach objective conclusions about the real world. There are multiple routes to developing ideas, such as through prior knowledge or observation. After we get the ideas, we can proceed to forming a hypothesis , test on the hypothesis and thus we will get the result.

There are two types of research, applied business research and basic business research. When is business research needed? There are four factors to help us to decide is the business research needed. It’s involves time constraints, availability of data, nature of the decision and benefits versus costs. It often becomes necessary for managers to deal with researchers to avoid conflict. So, managers should take note of few things when they want to hire researchers.

Business Research like all business activity. It keeps changing due to the communication technology and global marketplace. In the 21st century, global business research will be introduced which is a research that can apply to all and suit all culture.

1.1 Research Background
There is significance relationship between service quality and customer loyalty in food industry and hotel industry. Most of the customers complaint more on service quality than product quality last time. But nowadays, we have found that most of the people also concentrate on product quality too. There are many research had done on the relationship between product quality and customer satisfaction in hotel industry and food industry since these two industry have more interaction with the people.

However, the industry that we choose to conduct our research was automobile industry. The reason for us to choose automobile industry is because automobile is now a popular product that almost every people would like to purchase for transportation purpose. Besides, most of the people also overpass for the automobile industry. Actually, automobile industry is also a vital industry for us in our live. It provides us vehicles for transportation purposes which let us to have a more comfortable ways to reach the destination we want to go.

Moreover, how and is the product works well are also very important. Product quality drives an important factor to increase customer loyalty. It will influence people buying behaviour. Due to these reason, we decide to do a research on this industry. This research has been conducted by distributing questionnaire to those customers in automobile industry.

1.2 Problem Statement
There is low customer loyalty due to poor product quality in automobile industry. According to fact finding techniques, we have chosen to distribute questionnaire to a random sample from a population. By distributing questionnaire to the customers, we can find out the real reasons for how the product quality dissatisfied them and reduce their loyalty towards the brand. Therefore, the manufacturer of the brand could improve their product quality as well as adding new features to the product in order to increase their customer loyalty to their brand. 1.3 Research Objectives

There is low customer loyalty due to poor product quality in...
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