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Labour law Employment contract in English law United Kingdom labour law

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1Employment rights and responsibilities of the employee and employer 1.1Identify the main points of contracts of employment
The main points of an employment contract include;
job role/description
hours of work
salary and date of pay
holiday entitlement and sick/special leave
notice periods and grievance procedures
1.2Identify the main points of legislation affecting employers and employees Legislation that affects employers and employees include; Employment Rights, National Minimum Wage, Working Time Regulations, Statutory Maternity/Paternity Leave and Pay, Statutory Sick Pay, Equality Act 2010. 1.3Identify where to find information on employment rights and responsibilities both internally and externally Internal sources of information;

Staff Handbook
HR and also on the organisation’s intranet,
Or alternatively, external sources such as;
Citizens Advice Bureau,
Business Link and
1.4Describe how representative bodies can support the employee Representative bodies such as Citizens Advice and Trade Unions provide impartial advice and support on employment law. Trade Unions such provide assistance in matters such as discrimination, health and safety, pensions, redundancy and collective representation. 1.5Identify employer and employee responsibilities for equality and diversity All employers have an obligation to ensure the correct policies and procedures are in place relating to equality and discrimination, and to ensure employees have access to the relevant information. Employers have a responsibility to investigate any matters that may arise. All employees have a responsibility to follow company policies and procedures, to treat others with respect and to report any issues that may arise. 1.6Explain the benefits of making sure equality and diversity procedures are followed Ensuring equality and diversity procedures are followed at all times helps to protect employees from discrimination and/or harassment,...
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