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  • Published : October 31, 2014
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Wwwweeeeeeedffghhń,koikjgghjiijgffrfvhujjjjkkkkjhujmhhjmnggnkhgfgnkiyffbnfjnrhe- hrhdutjfjthgutnfjfjvjtmtjkff,mfifjfjfjfnfjfjfjgjvjgjvjbmbkbkbkvkvkbkbkbkbkbJcnfhrhfjrifjf- jchfjcjvjcjvjvhvjvj j j As a salon owner, you may run into issues that require you to step back and examine your own policies, standard operating procedures and ethics. Every time we learn, every time we go through change, we have an opportunity to improve. By approaching each challenge as it arises with a cool head, reason and patience, you give yourself, your business and your staff an opportunity to grow from a challenging experience.

After you are able to gather whatever resources necessary to help you handle an issue facing your salon, your ethics and general operating philosophy will continue to evolve as you as an owner lay out policies and guidelines for what is acceptable and not acceptable. It will be your responsibility to communicate and demonstrate personally to those working with you and for you what your expectations are. But it’s always important to remain open to every situation that arises and trust your instincts that you will do the right thing.

Here are some pointers for managing ethical issues and conflict when it arises at your own salon.Confront the source directly. Too often business owners, regardless of industry, circumnavigate the problem because confrontation can be uncomfortable and sometimes messy, but it’s the only real solution to a problem. To deal with any form of conflict or dilemma, it’s best to approach it head-on. Is there a specific staff member for which you need to address behavioral issues or inappropriateness with clients or other team members? Be discreet and respectful by scheduling private time when others on the team are not present to discuss the matter and address directly and openly with that staff member. Is there a client or vendor issue for which you’ve contemplated discontinuing your service or partnership? Reach out to the source of...
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