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Perdue Farms
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Perdue Farms

IndustryPoultry, chicken
Founder(s)Arthur W. Perdue
Pearl Perdue[1]
HeadquartersSalisbury, Maryland
Key peopleJim Perdue, Chairman
ProductsPoultry, chicken
Revenue> $4.6 Billion[2]
ParentFPP Family Investments, Inc.
Perdue Farms is a major chicken processing company based in Salisbury, Maryland, United States with annual sales in excess of $4.6B.[2] Contents [hide]
1 History
1.1 Origin and war era
1.2 Post-war growth
1.3 Full integration
2 Perdue today
3 References
4 External links
History [edit]

Origin and war era [edit]
The company was founded in 1920 by Arthur Perdue[1] with his wife, Pearl Perdue, who had been keeping a small flock of chickens.[3] The company started out selling eggs, then in 1925, Perdue built the company's first hatchery, and began selling layer chicks to farmers instead of only eggs for human consumption.[3] His son Frank Perdue joined the company in 1939 at age 19 after dropping out of college.[4] In the 1940s, the company made a transition from selling layer chicks to broiler chickens.[5] Post-war growth [edit]

The company was incorporated as A.W. Perdue & Son and Frank Perdue assumed leadership in the 1950s.[1][6] The company also began contracting with local farmers to raise its birds and supplying chickens for processing as well as opening a second hatchery in North Carolina during this period.[6] Full integration [edit]

Perdue entered the grain and oilseed business by building grain receiving and storage facilities and Maryland's first soybean processing plant.[7] In 1968, the company began operating its first poultry processing plant in Salisbury.[7] This move had two effects: it gave Perdue Farms full vertical integration and quality control over every step from egg and feed to market,[7] as well as increasing profits which were being squeezed by processors.[1]...
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