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Introduction to Business Communication---Coursework Assignment Summer 2013

This paper contains a total of seven (7) individual assignments and you are only required to answer one. Students are reminded that this is an individual assignment and marks will be given for originality and clarity of argument and the use of appropriate models, theories and concepts.

Choose one topic from the assignments listed below for this module and include a cover page with the module title, your name, my name and your personal student identification number (ID). You should type your assignment using size 12 font, 1.5 line spacing and a total word count of a minimum of 2500 but no more than 3000 words.

Dr. Leslie Taylor

Part A) With reference to Philipsen, G Speech Code theory, critically outline the importance of culture and its impact on the standard communication model of communication. Include in your response an account of the elements of Speech Code and high and low context cultures-- with named examples of the latter.

Part B) List and discuss the ‘The Big Five Personality Profile for a Single Person’. Outline the importance of these personal and interpersonal communication styles. You are required to answer both part A and B.

Critically discuss the ICM Model and its application in new product development and brand marketing. In your response, outline the importance of companies obtaining information from their customers, market, and rival or competing firms as they seek to develop a position in the market place and especially when this involves the development of new products and brands. 3)

As the workplace becomes more and more diverse and many more businesses become global in their operations, this is said to explain the need for these companies to focus on developing their communications skills. The importance of communication skills is outlined in this statement: “Success...
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