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Compare and contrast different organizational structure & Culture

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Definition: “Individual gathered towards under the similar circumstances to achieve common goals”.


“Organizational are the social or UN social arrangements for the collective goals”.

Organization structure

Every organization should have Organization structure because it tells about the level of hierarchy that who is responsible to whom and also shows position of a person. Organization structure consists of vital pillars of an organization which the organization is composed of.

Frame of Organizational Structure:-

Work Specialization:-

Work specialization is a key factor of organization structure. In the organization there are several jobs along their workers. So the workers perform individually their tasks so they are performing that activity again and again then they trained and work specialized on their field. This factor is gives advantage and disadvantage both e.g. In a Honda company these are many portions every worker is specialize on their portion by doing one job. He could be more accurate, takes less time

In less input will give more output and the disadvantage is that if the work specialized person is absent so the production will be stop. By doing the same job he might be bore so the moral will be down...


Though departmentalization jobs are divided into the specialize work and they perform the tasks in a groups the following are the forms of departmentalization

Customer Departmentalization

Geographical Departmentalization

Functional Departmentalization

Product Departmentalization

Process Departmentalization

Chain of Command:-

Chain of command is the responsibility, proper line of authority in the organization. Classical theory explains hierarchy or chart structure that who reports to whom, and clarifies the ranks it tells about the duties, responsible assignments in organization. In some of the organization is based on it like navy and much active.

Span of Control:-

It explains the actual position of the manager in the organization that how managers are controlling their sub co-ordinates we have two types of spin of control. Tall and narrow and the other one is Flat and wide.

Tall and narrow

In this factor manager can handle five to eight sub co-ordinates. It is much easier to handle minimum people good communication will be there supervision will be stronger its means that the distance between CEO and lower managers is very less.

Flat and Wide

This is totally opposite to the tall and narrow. There is many sub co-ordinates under the manager. So it’s very much difficult to handle many people motivation to every is much difficult and normally human can handle eight people. So as a result no attraction to the works moral will be down. No communication between the manager and employees because it’s not easy to ask about the work daily the result will be not impressive in that kind of organization….

Centralization and Decentralization

It tells about the organization structure that who is the decision maker in the organization. Who has the power and the authority to make a decision for the firm. In the centralization decision making is concentrated by the single person and the decision making is done higher manager with no interaction from the lower level and in the decentralization decision making is get distributed in the hierarchy throughout the organization its benefits is actions and decisions are taken more quickly and more confident. Every employee is the decision maker and feel will an important and a part of an organization.

Matrix Structure

Matrix structure is the combination of the product...
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