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Perimeter Security Applications
Robinson Paulino
DeVry College of New York
Sec- 330
Professor: Gerard Beatty

Perimeter Security Applications
Intruder Detection Accuracy3
Security Cameras4
1. Using Size Filters for Video Analytics Accuracy4
2. Geo-Registration and Perimeter Security Detection Accuracy5
3. Clarity against a moving background5
Perimeter Security Best Practices6
Auto Tracking PTZ Camera6
Long Range Thermal Camera6
Covering Perimeter Camera Blind Spots7
Determine a Perimeter Camera’s Range7
Perimeter Fence .8
Chain-Link Fences Protection8
Electric and Infrared Fences8
Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection Systems9
In-Ground Intrusion Detection Systems10

Perimeter Security Applications
Physical security is the protection offered for property, these may be buildings or any other form of asset, against intruders (Arata, 2006). . The idea therefore, is to keep off unwanted persons or objects from ones premises. One’s premise is defined by a boundary which separates private property from the rest of the land. This boundary is referred to as the perimeter. The perimeter could be physical or logical. Physical security is intended to keep intruders from land and grounds around such property. Logical perimeters on the other hand, are for protection against computer sabotage or any other remote malicious activities (Fennelly, 2012). In a nutshell, perimeter security is being precautious against any form of harm that may be intended against property or even people on that property. If the adversary could be noticed before any harm is done, it would be certainly better. Therefore, in addition to the physical security it is wise to have an intrusion detection system. Intruder Detection Accuracy

Intrusion detection is a process that involves monitoring of the events taking place around and within the boundaries of the property. These events are monitored in search of signs of possible incidents which fall under what is a security violation or possible violation of security. Intrusion prevention is the process of performing intrusion detection and attempting to stop detected possible incidents. Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) are primarily focused on identifying possible incidents, logging information about them, attempting to stop them, and reporting them to security administrators. In addition, individuals and organizations use intrusion detection and prevention systems for other purposes, such as identifying problems with security policies, documenting existing threats, and deterring individuals from violating security policies. While defining what intrusion detection systems are, it would make sense to describe what they are not and what they cannot do. Intruder detector systems do not prevent any form of intrusion. They do not prevent any kind of destruction caused by the intruder. They do not prevent malicious entry and destruction of systems put in place either. Their main function is to detect an intruder just as the name clearly states. Their function is to detect an intrusion once and when it happens. In essence, they are analogous to a burglar alarm in a house. Such an alarm can trigger an immediate response e.g. call the police; can be used to alert the owner that unauthorized behavior is taking place. It is therefore, of immense importance to ensure that the information collected is accurate and will not send security agents on a wild goose chase. In reference to perimeter security and intrusion detection, security devices like cameras, in ground intrusion detection systems and electric and infrared fences are used to a large extent.

Security Cameras
Accuracy in intrusion detection could be ascertained through: 1. Using Size Filters for Video Analytics Accuracy
Perimeter cameras that use video analytics are designed to detect movement. However, there is a lot of movements...
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