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Organizations seek to improve through efficiency and effectiveness. What contribution does the classical theory of scientific Management make towards this aim? Describe and critically evaluate the theory. This essay will critically evaluate the importance of scientific management and its contribution in the present management context. To discuss this topic critically, it will outline the benefits of classical theory. It will show it has ability to Improve efficiency, Increase in productivity, Enable Mass production, higher standard of living, Better standard of living and specialized work force. Scientific management is the theory which serves as the backbone to some current management theories. Contrary to this, strong opposition views in organization due to Exploitation of worker, Autonomy, Narrow application, Individualistic approach, only motivational factor- money and raises between the employees due to their rank. Although scientific management theory does play an important role in present time business .This essay will address the question; how the classical theory of scientific management does helps an organization to improve their standard of work and it will show the positive and negative impact of scientific management on organization. What is classical theory of scientific management? The term scientific management also called Taylorism was established in 1910 by Frederic W. Taylor (1856-1915) and his followers. This theory of management breaks down the complex work into simpler work or to find the best way of doing work according to the ability of individual. According to

this theory there should be complete division of work between workers and management. The main idea of this theory is to improve economic efficiency by labour productivity. The scientific theory of management is considered better compatible to businesses based on repetitive tasks such as factory. In these days it is not difficult to find examples of scientific management theory: the car and computer manufacturing plant, the company where we go for work, the hospitals we are treated in and even some of the restaurants we eat in –almost all of them function more efficiently due to the application of scientific management. According to Bartol, Tein, Matthews and Sharma (2008, p.43), scientific management is one of the management approaches of classical viewpoint. Scientific management is an approach which insists the scientific study of works methods to improve worker efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency and Effectiveness both improve speed on time delivery and various other process baselines but both plays different roles in the organization. The main aim of Efficiency in the organization is to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort while aim of the Effectiveness is to produce the expected result e.g. think of a company that was successfully making buggy whips as automobiles became the mode of transportation. Assume that the processes used to make buggy whips were perfect. The relationships between internal and external suppliers and customers were perfect. The suppliers and customers teamed both to make perfect buggy whips. The buggy whips were delivered ahead on schedule as best as possible lowest prices. This company...
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