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Each and every business thrives on data; the more the business grows, the more information is added to its database. With heaps of information, it becomes necessary for an organization to systematically arrange and store the invaluable data in proper order, so that the timely retrieval and analysis of the same is executable in the future. A data entry operator is the one who helps the organization do so. There are variations to this job profile, depending upon the organization's needs and requirements, and your qualifications. You can be hired on a full-time, or a part-time basis. It could either be a desk job, or you could work from home. The remuneration also varies according to these factors. Job Description

The job description of data entry operators varies depending upon the organizational sector. Though the basic nature of this job is to enter and store data in the relevant database; the kind of data that one would need to work with, may vary. For instance, a data operator working for a sales company will have to work with figures; however, if the work is for an educational institution, the operator is required to enter information which is alphabetic and numeric in nature. Therefore, it is important for the applicant to have necessary skills to handle the nature of data efficiently so that the interpretation, analysis, and entry could be done effectively.

Duties and Responsibilities

Accurate interpretation, compilation, and entering of data in the computer system. Proper analysis and verification to ensure data integrity.
Storing correct information in the desired database locations. Completion of the required task within the desired deadline. Manage additional responsibilities including troubleshooting, file back-ups, regular updating, and retrieval of data, as and when required. Maintain confidentiality regarding the information being dealt with.

Essential Skills Required

Excellent command over the language - written and oral.
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