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  • Published: February 12, 2013
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Currys and PC World is owned by Dixons Retail Plc and has 3 main aims and objectives listed below, along with a brief summary/decisions made to achieve them:

1. Drive a successful and sustainable business model in a multi-channel world: This aim is focusing on how the business can maintain and grow as the world changes; this includes working closely with suppliers, improving customer service and reducing costs.

2. Be a leader in each of the markets in which the Group operates: This aim is focusing on how the business can become a market leader and well known with its customers; overall to improve awareness of the brand.

3. Align the Group to leverage consistently pan-European scale and knowhow: This aim is focusing on how the business can improve on a European scale; this includes working with other European branches in improving store formats, layouts and sales techniques.


Verbal Communication could be reasonably appropriate when following the strategy above and making decisions; however there are some disadvantages involved when using this method of communication:

Using verbal communication to work closer with suppliers could be beneficial for Currys as members of staff could make a telephone call or meet face to face with suppliers. This could overall improve the relationship between Currys and their suppliers, as using this method could be quicker and save time rather than communicating in writing. It also is more personal too compared to reading a letter or an email, as relationships can be built between members of staff as they get to know each other better on a face to face basis. This could be beneficial for Currys as they could negotiate a better deal with pricing and keep up to date with news; however this method of communication could also backfire if further problems arise as there is no physical evidence as proof. For example Currys may wish to take legal action with their...
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