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ASSIGNMENT TITLE: E-Marketing plan for Blended E-Learning in Higher Education; Research on UCSI Students’ Perspective Faculty chosen for research; FACULTY OF MUSIC, SOCIAL SCIENCES AND DESIGN
DATE OF SUBMISSION: 15th March 2012
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Huang Jo| 1000923846|
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Table of Content:
Subject| Pages no|
1.Situation Analysis| |
| |
2.E-marketing Strategic Planning| |
| |
3.Objective| |
| |
4.E-marketing Strategies| |
| |
5.Implementation Plan| |
| |
6.Budget| |
| |
7.Evaluation Plan| |
| |
8.References| |

1.Situation Analysis

Ucsi’s music faculty is one of the largest and liveliest music departments in the country, and an internationally renowned center of musical teaching and research. Through its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, the Faculty of Music offers a highly stimulating environment for anyone interested in a practical, scholarly and creative engagement with music - musicologists, performers and composers.   The exceptionally rich musical life of the University and its Colleges - including world-famous choirs, University orchestras and chamber groups, jazz ensembles, and contemporary music groups – is complemented by the wide range of musical activities to be found in and around the city, drawing on numerous musical traditions. Ucsi’s undergraduate and graduate curricula are strong in musical skills, but are also wide-ranging and imaginative, reflecting contemporary developments in music and alongside these formal programmes as the students organize and participate in a stimulating variety of concerts, master classes, workshops, public lectures, and conferences. The faculty resources are high specifications in electronic music studio, and specialized resources for the study of performance. The Faculty's research and teaching strengths cover a broad spectrum, including European music of many periods, ethnomusicology, composition, opera, and the psychology of music, performance, and performance practice.

Swot analysis of the music faculty:

Strengths; (usually internal)
* Highly excellent, extensive and varied programming in the music areas exceeding that of much larger than other university in the country. * Development and maximization of student talent in all disciplines. * Varied scholarship opportunities in all the areas of art, music, and theatre. * Music through Performance outreach program for private music teachers and their students. * Music outreach through Senior Day and special daytime performances for area students of varying ages.

Weaknesses; (usually internal)
* Half-time music position unfunded and unfilled.
* No full or half-time music technical director/instructor. * On-loan piano program ending this summer. Several pianos will have to be purchased this year or returned to vendor. * Small budget for maintaining high quality programs.

Opportunity; (usually external)
* Department has an excellent music lab the potential of which could be expanded if personnel could be secured to offer a “computer music”. * Public and private schools within the district tend to send their student to our university to continue their knowledge. * Department maintains good rapport with public and private school teachers and administrations for future involvement.

Threats; (usually external)
* Public school art, music, theatre programs are not comprehensive if they exist at all throughout the district. * Lack of funding for major growth in programming. Department would like to expand and set 3 – 5 – 10 year goals with increased facility space, programming, and personnel...
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