Topics: Customer service, 4G, 3GPP Long Term Evolution Pages: 3 (669 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Telstra is the largest telecommunications company in Australia. Its business includes wired communications, ADSL, HFC, satellite, CDMA and GSM digital mobile networks. In addition, Telstra is Australia's leading ISP. During the past years, Telstra has made a plan for supporting long term strategic priorities to: improve customer satisfaction, retain and grow the existing customer base, simplify the business and invest in new growth businesses. These strategies reflect the focus of satisfying customers through the acquisition of greater financial benefits and investment opportunities. In the long term, the strategies formulated by Telstra are aligned with the best interest of the shareholders.

SWOT Analysis
In terms of tangible resources, Telstra has extensive network infrastructure. This enables Telstra to provide high coverage and efficient network to their customers. More importantly, Telstra has more than 280 owned Telstra branded stores and licensed shops across Australia, which provides more convenience for customers to connect with Telstra’s customer service centre and allows a faster response time to resolve customers’ problems. Moreover, Telstra has a strong financial resource. Its revenue grew at an annual rate of 1.1% over the previous fiscal year. This strong financial position supports Telstra in making new investments on expanding and upgrading its network.

In terms of intangible resources, Telstra has a high reputation of being the leading telecom company in Australia and its high quality customer service for both personal and business customers. This is due to Telstra’s capacity of providing a large number of highly trained support staff and highly qualified technicians. Without these highly qualified employees, Telstra would not be able to establish friendly relationships with their customers and assist customers in effectively and efficiently solving their problem.

Providing full service coverage (in...
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