Topics: The Right Honourable, The Honourable, Impact event Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: December 12, 2012
BTEC LEVEL 3 (National) in Business

Unit 1: The Business Environment

Assessment Activity 4 – The past, present & future

The editorial team at Business Life meet on a monthly basis, mainly to discuss future stories & articles.

Every meeting though has a theme, with someone chosen to present that theme.....with the responsibility falling on you for the next one!

The editor has chosen a real challenge for you – wanting you to look at the political, legal & social impacts on business. You have received the following note in your pigeon hole...

| | | |Resources for support |Possible presentation methods | | | | |Activity 22 – The Right Honourable Gentleman |The suggested method could include a verbal presentation, supported | |Activity 23 – Fiscal support |with notes, flip charts, handouts etc. | |Activity 24 – Other political considerations... | | |Activity 25 – Nearly there! |Alternatively, the learners could present the material in a more | |Activity 26 – Analyse & evaluate |formal manner, such as a report. | | | |

It’s your turn to bring the facts to the next I...
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