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Stakeholder| Evaluation of Influence|
Employees| * The stakeholder of the body shop employees can work with different stakeholder like customer because employees are people who is hired to provide services to a company and customers are people that buy goods or service from a business, this mean that they can work together by the employees providing a good service to the business that the customer can take the good service from the business. The common interest that the two stakeholder have on the business is that they both deal with service like the customer buy the service from the business and the employees provide service for the business and also the oppose interest that the two stakeholder have is that the employees work for the business and the customer are the one that get thing from business. * The influence that the employees have on the business is lower than customer which is high because employees just work for business and they do not make the business to make profits or increase sale, then the way customer buy things from business which can make the business increase sale and profit and also grow. In my opinion I think that employees I have a big role in the business because if there was not employees who will be able to talk to customer if the customer need help and also this is because without employees the manager will be by his/her also doing everything by his/her self because there is no one there to help him/her. On the other hand some people may think that employees is not a good influence on the business the body shop because if the business is a sole trade the manager will not be able to pay the employees and have to always check if something is being done wrong so that you can tell the employees to done it right.| Managers| * Managers of the body shop can work with different stakeholder like investors because managers are people that promised a good income if they can develop the organization and make it profitable, also...
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