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A celebration of life paper will seek to express my feeling about certain topics and how I can conduct research to explore more details on the topic. I will start by exploring various topics that I am passionate about, although the topics are not necessarily related to each other. Of significance is that the topic I will select may not relate to my career, but rather an exploration of what I like or happening in life. From a personal perspective, being given the task of writing a celebration of life paper has given me a chance to brainstorm and list out the topics that interest me. I found the following topics engaging. i.Do children brought up by a single parent behave differently from those brought up by both parents? ii.How does HIV/AIDS affect an individual’s life once infected? iii.Are FAD diets safe methods for weight loss?

iv.Does school food contribute to obesity and overweight levels in students? v.What is the effect of early school boarding on a child’s development From these topics, I will narrow down to one topic that interests me most. This topic will be behavior of children brought up by a single parent. I will focus on a child’s behavior and their relation to other people together with the moral values that these children uphold when brought up by a single parent compared to when they are brought up by both parents. The reason why I chose this topic is that many people tend to believe that children brought up by a single parent are rowdy and lack one parent figure. Due to the high rise in divorce rates globally, the increase in the number of children born outside marriage and the adoption of children to be brought up by homosexuals, there has been a triple growth in the proportion of children being raised up in single-parent families. The research paper will be planned such that it will be approximately 10 pages. The pages will be distributed as follows: a)Abstract on the research paper (one page)

This part will give a general...
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