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The iPod allows people to download – legally – only the songs they want for 99 cents each, instead of entire CDs. The technologically advanced iPod stores songs in digital format, so the sound is crystal-clear. Customers are attracted by the modern design and cool colors of the iPod. Despite its small size, the iPod holds thousands of songs, making an individual’s entire music collection easily portable. Because the iPod provides easy access to different types of music, many people claim it has expanded their musical tastes. By addressing the real needs of music lovers, the iPod digital player has quickly dominated the market.

Invited to join the space program, she trained as an astronaut and flew on the space shuttle Endeavor in 1992. The young Dr. Jemison headed to West Africa, where she worked in the Peace Corps for Two years. Though a childhood teacher urged her to be a nurse, Mae Jemison knew she wanted to be a scientist and doctor. After eight years at NASA, she became a professor at Dartmouth College and started a company to help poor countries use solar energy The life of Dr. Mae Jemison, the first African American female astronaut, is characterized by daring achievements and a strong desire to give back. A fine student, Jemison entered Stanford University at sixteen and later earned her M.D. degree from Cornell in 1981.

The left side of the human brain controls spoken and written language. The right side, on the other hand, seems to control artistic, musical, and spatial skills. Emotion is also thought to be controlled by the right hemisphere. The human brain has two distinct halves, or hemispheres, and in most people, each one controls different functions. Logical reasoning and mathematics are left-brain skills.

Interestingly, the left brain controls the right hand, and vice versa.

As a Bronx Community College student, Oscar Hijuelos showed his gift for writing. He researched the Cuban music scene of New York in the ’50s for his second...
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