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  • Published : June 21, 2011
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Case Study Creative Thinkers
Alexander Rizardo
Sang Kim, MBA

Case Study Creative Thinkers
Successful organizations are created with extreme creativity and innovation. For the this case study, the creative thinker I have chosen to profile is the founder and the chief executive officer (CEO) of the popular social network known as “Facebook”. His name is Mark Zuckerberg. Currently, at a young age of 27 years of age, the nation views him as one of the most influential innovators and is ranked as one of the youngest billionaires in the nation today according to the sources at Forbes.

During an interview with “Business Insider” (Blodget, 2009), Zuckerberg explains what drove him to create “Facebook” and what continues to drive him for overall improvement today. His motivation is synonymous to the three elements that make up the strategy of innovation. Those elements are clarity, sharedness, and attainability (Bettina von Stamm, 2003). Under these three elements, an organization as the ability to invent and reinvent through shared goals and that are foreseen as a reachable target.

Zuckerberg presented an innovation to create a website that incorporates similar elements like its predecessors such as “Myspace” or “Twitter”, however in contrast, design its “Facebook” applications to establish its own unique personalized communication network. Zuckerberg’s concepts to create “Facebook” are relevant to the five angels of innovation in accordance to Terrill and Middlebrooks 1996. His concepts and the ones construed by Terrill and Middlebrooks 1996 both have the notion of taking an existing product and revamping its infrastructure to facilitate its users with added beneficial perks (Bettina von Stamm, 2003).

In Zuckerberg’s interview, he explained upon launching his website in 2004, he was always trying to find ways to improve his business following trial and error. Through the help of his colleagues of...
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