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By | October 2010
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October 7, 2010
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Neonatal Nurse:

Places you can work : Division of Neonatology at Cedars-Signal Hospital

beginning Salary: $49,296- $68,784
Average Salary: $61,674- $81,827
Top Salary: $111,831

Degree Required: Minimum of Bachelors Degree, depending what area. May require Masters Degree.

Chance to advance: You can advance and promote to the general health of both infants and women responsibilities. Monitor the infant for any sign of complication that may arise. A good interaction with infants parents, so when there is complications, to communicate and ensure that the baby is in proper state.

Top Cities for Employment: Cincinnati, Ohio , New York City, New York , and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

3 Levels of Work:
First Level: Take care of healthy born babies after child birth Second Level: They cater to the needs of the ill newborns or those who had premature birth. Third Level: Work for newborns with problems which cannot be treated or cured in the earlier two levels.

Physical Therapist:

Education Required: Undergraduate Degree in Physical Therapy is minimum education. Masters Degree is the most. A license is required. A Masters Degree in physical therapy can be completed in about two years.

Salary: About $71,000

Places to work: Pennsport Physical Therapy, Temple, Magee Rehab Center

Advancement: Rehabilitation Stemming from injuries, sports therapy, orthopedics, or pediatrics.

Job Description: Help patients, restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities. Restore, maintain, and promote overall fitness and health.


Salary: $108,039 (average)

Degree Required: Doctor of pharmacy Degree. Take an internship with a pharmacist and take an exam.

Top Cities for Employment: Anywhere. Pharmacist needed everywhere.

Advancement: Hospital pharmacist to supervisory or administrative positions. Pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry may...