Bushmen: Want and Item

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hRunning head: Ju/’hoansi Bushman

Ju/’hoansi Bushman


I am going to imagine that I am going to live in the Kalahari Desert to live a traditional semi-nomadic life with the Ju/’hoansi Bushmen. I am going to discuss the five items that I will take with me and the reason why I want to take these items. Then I will discuss how the semi-nomadic life style affects my sense of home my relationship with my environment and my attitude towards the people I am around and my material possessions.

Ju/’hoansi Bushmen
The Ju/’hoansi bushmen are semi-nomadic people that live on the boarders of the Kalahari Desert. This people are traditionally hunter-gathers. Deciding to join their lifestyle will ultimately change everything I think about the world. There are five items that I will bring with me on this voyage to a new lifestyle. These items are a knife, hairbrush, toothbrush, blanket, and water bottle. The reason that I want to bring a knife is that this item I believe would be valuable to me. It could help me cut up a kill, cut fruit or give me the ability to crave items that I find in the desert into something else that I could use. I think this item is a want over a need. I do not need the knife in order to survive out their but it would make my life much easier. The second and third item that I want to bring with me is a hairbrush and a toothbrush. This goes to my own personal need for hygiene. This without a doubt is a want. I could not use these items for anything else then my personal hygiene, and thus it does not help me to survive in the desert. My fourth item that I would like to take along is a blanket. This item could be used in multiple ways. The first way of course is to sleep on it. This item would be very important to me because it is a survival tool. I could use this blanket to keep me off the ground or wrap up in it to keep myself warm. The second way that I could use the blanket is to carry items in it. Since the people that...
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