Bushfires of Australia

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  • Published : March 11, 2012
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Bushfires of Australia

Bushfires are large-scaled wildfires that burn out of control spreading across the forests, shrubs and woodlands but to a lesser extent in grasslands. Bushfires have slow movement but high heat output which means they can be very destructive. Even though they smoulder for days, bushfires only pass through for two to five minutes. They take a big role in the Australian environment because the ecosystems have evolved with fire. Also several of the native plants are fire-prone and very combustible while many other species depend on fire to regenerate. They are common in the vegetated areas of Australia, where the climates are moist enough for trees to grow but they also feature dry, hot periods where fallen branches, leaves and other debris can dry out leading to highly flammable and vulnerable material on the ground. It is very common for bushfires to occur on days of strong winds and during years of drought. The long, dramatic history of bushfires on the continent dated back around five million years ago when dry grassland began to form across the landscape. Bushfires began to occur regularly around 40000 years ago. Today, bushfires are quite common in many areas and have wreaked havoc across the land cause much damage. Bushfires can be cause by many different ways. The causes of ignition may be either the fault of nature or humankind. The most common way that starts bushfires is by lightning. The lightning ignites fire very easily and approximately 26% of bushfires are cause by it. Another natural cause could be due to the dry hot climate and strong winds. The rest is cause by the actions of people. There can be many causes like a campfire can develop into a bushfire if it is left unattended, machinery can generate heat and sparks, the exhaust from vehicles may cause a fire and cigarettes that have been thrown away recklessly can light fires. Another reason could be agricultural burns which are done by farmers whom burn...
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