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Topics: Gender, Woman, The Bahamas Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Real Women Don’t Cry
How have gender stereotypes in Bahamian culture affected the way Bahamian female artist see themselves and their world? How are these issues reflected in their art?
The females of the Bahamian society have been seen in many different views and have been depicted over the years due to the overwhelming cultural diversity. The role of females in the Bahamas has changed from decades to decades, thus leaving many to stereotype and judge the lives of women in The Bahamas. From 1962 women rights meant equal opportunity, however many do not females to be equal as males. Does the female in the Bahamas have their own identity? Is stereotype a significant problem in the Bahamian culture? These are two questions that one may ponder on when society views females, artists work and the issues behind their content. The portrait “Can I come with you?” by Chantal Bethel is the art work that I’ve selected to based this paper on. This painting can display many issues females see others and themselves in the world today. Ways in which women in society are labeled as a whole and the comparison of real life experiences to the art work are some of the aspects that I will write about in this paper.

An artist work is usually a form of an expression. For many, personal life experiences and challenges allow people to go beyond the norm and express their thought and views of the world through their art. In society, women are seen to be vulnerable creatures that usually love, that are soft spoken and open hearted. However can one really say that all women possess these qualities? This statement alone may be determined as stereotyping genders. Society has a way of labeling and classing people based on a person’s appearance and their valuables. For many female artists, The Bahamian society does not give enough recognition for the outstanding work they produce. As a result of this, artist are motivated and driven to be inspired by the world itself and are left to...
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