Bus642 - Week 1

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Basic research Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Week One Exercises
Complete Discussion Questions 1, 2, and 5 on page 22.
1. What is business research? Why should there be any question about the definition of research? Business research is a methodical process in which a company or manager recognizes a need for data in order to make effective business making decisions. “More specifically, it is a process of planning, acquiring, analyzing, and Disseminating relevant data, information, and insights to decisions makers in ways that mobilize the organization to take appropriate actions that, in turn, maximize performance” (Cooper and Schindler, 2011, p. 10).

Questions occur about the definition of research because it has been said that “every business issue ultimately boils down to an information problem” (Zikmund, Babin, Carr, & Griffin, 2013). Companies are constantly scanning the micro- and macroenvironment to identify opportunities and problems, but often times do not know where to begin to leverage this powerful information. According to Cooper and Schindler (2011), good research starts with a clearly defined purpose / problem. A clear and concise definition from the outset provides a framework for many companies that think business research sole purpose is conducting surveys. 2. What is the difference between applied research and basic or pure research? Use a decision about how a salesperson is to be paid, by commission or salary, and describe the question that would guide applied research versus the question that would guide pure research. Applied research has problem-solving emphasis on real world applications. The nature of applied research examines a specific set of circumstances and how they directly relate to action, performance or policy needs (Cooper and Schindler, 2011). The findings from applied research are of use to the organization immediately. An example of a question that would guide applied research is: “Does a commission based compensation package...
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