Bus620 Industry Forecasting

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Industry Forecasting
For the purpose of this assignment, we will review Apple Inc., a technology based company that has extended beyond computers and provides a number of different device options for their consumers. The devices offered by Apple range from computers to cell phones, and reflect the technological advances that have taken place over the past decade. A PESTEL Analysis of Apple, Inc. would be important in order to identify information pertinent to the marketing campaign of the company. The PESTEL model can provide insight for marketers as it can help in understanding the market position and growth potential as well as how declining market conditions would affect the organization. The PESTEL analysis model is used as a way to “scan the external environment for issues and trends that can influence attitudes and behavior of current and prospective target markets” (Finch, 2012, p. 3.2). PESTEL is an acronym for the six environmental factors that are used in the analysis; “political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal” (Finch, 2012, p. 3.2). When performing a PESTEL analysis, these are the factors that are reviewed in order to determine weaknesses and strengths, and we will use the PESTEL analysis to review Apple, Inc. A PESTEL analysis of Apple, Inc.

Political factors that affect Apple would be the laws and regulations enacted by the government, specifically those that affect intellectual property and business taxation as well as trade restrictions and other business and public legislation. Every business must consider how government rulings can affect how they are able to conduct business both in a local environment and abroad if the business does business outside of the United States. Taxation is an important factor for Apple, also as they do business in other countries, import and export taxation would also be a potential factor that could affect their organizational growth. Economic factors would include inflation, as...
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