Topics: Five Guys, Franchising, French fries Pages: 4 (1077 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Entrepreneurial Leadership, Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Professor Yemer Hassan

Contemporary Business– Bus508

January 2013

Strayer University

Five Guys Philosophy

Five Guys beginning philosophy is to serve limited menu that includes just Burgers, fries, hot dogs and drinks, the best part is no science experiments are involved, like the burgers are 100% percent beef, fresh never frozen and hand puttied and the potatoes hand cut and deep fried in Peanut oil. The management is focused not only on food but also the overall restaurant cleanliness, employee attitude and paying rewards and bounces versus employee’s outstanding performance is number one to get employee buy-in.

Furthermore, Five guys determination to impress customers, hire right people, over-deliver and make a statement that always meet the customer's needs first have gained them lots of success, conversely of most companies today are looking for ways to reduce quantity, raise prices and give the minimum for the dollar to their customers (Russell, 2009).

Original Values to Remain Strong Today

The company launched with a single restaurant in the Washington, DC area in the 1980s and expanded conservatively through the use of 100% company owned outlets until very recently. The family that owns Five Guys was concerned that they could not maintain a high level of customer experience if they were to expand too far or to move into franchising. Ultimately, they did make the move but have worked very hard to ensure excellence in every one of their restaurants whether company owned or franchised.

Strength is that five guys’ company maintains the product quality and simplicity in serving menu to the point of meeting customer satisfaction and needs. Although Five Guys does not make advertising”as products speak for themselves” it collects a marketing fee of 1.5 percent annually from franchisees. That amount is matched by the corporation to...
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