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Radio Ekush|
Reveal origin of Bangladesh


Submitted by

Ariful Kamal| 091 0430 030|
Nayeem Nazmul| 093 0126 030|
A F M Arafatuzzaman| 103 0028 030|
Mahabubur Rahman Ripon| 073 566 030|

Submitted to
Faculty: Dilara Afroz Khan (DaK)

Date of Submission


Letter of transmittal

8th May 2012
Dilara Afroz Khan
School Of Business
North South University

Subject: Project submission

It is an immense gratification for us to submit the report to you, which enhance our practical knowledge that you taught us in MGT-489 course.

We have completed the Project as per the standards you have mentioned to follow. We completed the Project with best effort. The resources from NSU online library were very helpful in completing the project. We faced many difficulties in completing the project because due to the tight schedule. Despite of all those we completed the research on time. Please pardon us if we have done any fault in finishing the report.

If for whichever cause, you are unable to deduce anything, please do not pause to call us for clarification. We hope you will forgive any of our mistakes, lacking or inconveniences.

Yours sincerely

Ariful Kamal| 091 0430 030|
Nayeem Nazmul| 093 0126 030|
A F M Arafatuzzaman| 103 0028 030|
Mahabubur Rahman Ripon| 073 566 030|


We gratefully want to thank our instructor for giving us an opportunity to propose a business plan. Also we are thankful to NSU helping us by providing enough resources to work on the project. We would also like to thank our class mates who have worked together to clear all confusions. Our understanding of this course is reflected in the report. The project was a hard work and it will help us in the near future.

Table of Contents

Sl #| Content| Page No.|
1| Executive Summary| 7|
2| Profile of the team| 7|
3| Introduction| 8|
4| Industry overview| 9|
5| Company overview| 10|
5.1| Mission statement| 10|
5.2| Vision statement| 10|
5.3| Key products and services| 10|
5.4| overall strategy| 10|
6| industry overview| 11|
6.1| PEST analysis| 11|
6.2| Five forces| 11|
6.3| Industry life cycle| 13|
6.4| Strategic group analysis| 14|
6.5| Industry SWOT| 14|
7| Internal analysis| 15|
7.1| Company value chain Analysis| 15|
7.2| Existing Core competencies| 16|
7.3| Performance based analysis| 17|
8| Market overview| 18|
9| Infrastructure| 19|
9.1| Facilities| 19|
9.2| Equipment and Machinery| 19|
9.3| Production and manufacturing process| 20|
9.4| Research and development| 20|
9.5| Quality Assurance| 20|
10| Human resource Strategy and planning| 21|
11| Risk Analysis| 23|
12| Financial management Plan| 24|
12.1| Assumptions| 24|
12.2| Financial plan| 25|
12.3| Income statement| 25|
12.4| cash flow statement| 26|
12.5| Balance sheet| 27|
12.6| Capital budgeting and feasibility| 27|
13| Long term sustainability| 31|
14| conclusion| 31|
 | APPENDIX A| 32|
 | | |
 | | |

Table of figures

Fig No | Name| Page No|
1| Industry life Cycle| 13|
2| Strategic group Analysis| 14|
3| Company Value chain Analysis| 16|
4| Organizational Structure| 21|

1. Executive summary

Private radio stations in Bangladesh have almost doubled in the last three years. They have targeted the youth in order to grab the market share and they have been successful to deliver what was required by the listeners. Radio stations like radio today, radio foorti, ABC radio etc have targeted the same customers. No radio stations have differentiated well in terms of service and opportunity cost of tuning to a different radio station is less....
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