Bus460 Final Project

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Final Project

Training and Development


DeVry University

The organization and reason for the project
1. Indulge Sport Bar & Lounge Grand Opening Event (Fictional) 2. Indulge is in the nightclub and entertainment industry. Like every nightclub, indulge receives customers four nights a week, provides music entertainment, serves soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. 3. As a small business all the employees have to go to an alcohol awareness program. 4. The people who will attend the training are: The managers, bartenders, waitresses, and securities. 5. The general manager together with Nightclub Pro Consultants will put together a special training program. 6. A representative from Nightclub Pro Consultants will provide the training. 7. The main purpose of the training is to provide the customers with a safe environment. The goal is to 80% return customers in the future. The problem we are trying to prevent is providing any customer with too much to drink. We don’t want any alcohol related incident and if there is any fight we want our securities to be well trained and ready.

Training Needs Assessment
Organization: Indulge Sport Bar Restaurant & Lounge
Our mission is to provide the customers with a safe and clean environment, provide them with high quality services at an affordable price. Introduction:
Businesses in the sport bar industry often get fined for ABC violations and not following the state or city law. Indulge Sport Bar & Lounge is a new business opening its doors for the first time in April 2012. The nightclub general manager Poupite Antoine wants to make sure that all safety codes are met before the nightclub open its doors and all employees are well trained to get on the road to accomplish the mission of the business. The alcohol retail business is a very profitable industry, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. One employee selling alcohol to a minor can result in violations, license suspension, civil penalties, and even license cancellation. The purpose of the training is to prevent our employees from serving minors, visibly intoxicated customers, drinking on duty, and failing to have proper credential to serve alcohol (Tifty, 2011). Training needs assessment

Organizational Analysis
The organizational analysis will consist of the general manager, the manager, two supervisors, and Nightclub Pro Consulting firm representatives. Nightclub Pro Consulting firm’s responsibility is to set a guideline for nightclub businesses to follow. The consulting firm analyzes Indulge Sport Bar & Lounge by interviewing the management team as a focus group. The management team is well educated enough to run the business. One of the managers is an Old Dominion University business administration graduate and one of them graduated from DeVry University. Two members of Indulge’s management team have between five to eight years of experience in nightclub management. The business proposes 20 thousand dollars to training all employees getting them ready for the grand opening. This money for training is part of the budget for the opening of the Lounge. One of the advantages of conducting a focus group interview is the face to face involvement of many interviewers without one person dominating the meeting. Another advantage is the person who is conducting the interview can compare the interviewees on the scene and tell which one of them is more active. One of the disadvantages of a focus group is that the person doing the interview cannot focus on one person. Because there can be so many people on a focus group it takes a lot longer than a one on one interview so it might get boring after a while (Fern, 2001).

Task Analysis
Task analysis is the analysis of how a task is accomplished, including a detailed description of both manual and mental activities, task and element durations, task frequency, task complexity, environmental conditions, and necessary clothing...
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