Bus210 Assignment Swot Analysis

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  • Published : March 5, 2011
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SWOT Analysis

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SWOT Analysis

The business plan that I selected to perform a SWOT analysis on is the Start-Up Real Estate Business Plan. Golden Valley Real Estate, LLC (GVRE) is a start-up company located in the Tucson, AZ area and has designed a business model to provide full service real estate, mortgage, and title needs as well as a few ancillary services to a growing retirement demographic in the region. The founder of the company is Mrs. Susan Egan. Mrs. Egan possesses a significant and successful background in the real estate industry, having worked for RE/MAX Real Estate Company for 23 years. Mrs. Egan, a recent retiree herself, believes that she is well suited to handle the needs of this growing population that carries with it significant income levels because she falls within this same demographic and can understand and appeal to the needs of these potential clients much better than her competitors.

When considering the Strengths and Weaknesses of the business model, I have determined that the strengths of the plan far outweigh the weaknesses identified. Mrs. Egan has proven through her successful track record in the real estate industry that she has adequate experience necessary to lead and develop this new venture. As you can see from her business plan, she have performed extensive research on this market and has identified a specialized segment that not only has great need for these services currently, but it is well documented that this demographic will grow substantially over the next couple decades, providing long term stability for this proposed business. Mrs. Egan has accurately identified a void in the marketplace and is poised to provide valuable services to a growing demographic. She has correctly identified an increasing need to provide a “One Stop Shop” for these people who do not want to deal with all the various aspects of purchasing a new home. If GVRE can perform at the...
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